Desk Exercises For The Office

Exercises To Do At Your Desk 

Just because you are stuck behind a desk all day long doesn’t mean that you can’t get some quality exercising in. Yes, even if you are relegated to a desk for the better part of your day, there is much you can do while sitting down that will help you burn some extra calories and contribute to a better looking and healthier you.

Instead of sitting at your desk and doing nothing all day, try some of these desk exercises that are guaranteed to get you feeling great:

•    Hand Grips: Hand grips are an inexpensive way to get some easy desk exercising in. Hand grips consist of two small plastic handles and a rolled up looking piece of wire attaching them. All you do is grab hold of the hand grips and squeeze. While this may not sound like much, try doing it about 30 times each hand and do that several times per day. This is a great exercise to do as you can use one hand even if you are on the phone; just don’t count out loud if you are.
•    Portable Pedals: Portable pedals make it possible for you to turn your desk into a stationary bike. Portable pedals simply go on the ground under your desk and out of sight from anyone else and you then slip your feet into the pedal straps and you are off. Again, this seems like it wouldn’t do much, but try getting in about 20 minutes every day and see how much of a difference it can make.
•    Exercise Ball: Here is a desk exercise that you can do by simply substituting your office chair for an exercise ball. Instead of sitting down in a slouched position in your chair, you can sit on a balance ball and ensure good posture. If you really want to make it interesting you can move ever so slightly to the left and the right creating a great little abdominal workout for yourself while you are sitting at your desk.
•    Stand Up: No, you don’t have to stand up all day, but you can stand up for about 20 minutes a day and get in some great exercising while still typing away on your keyboard. Start by rising up on your tip-toes and blast your calves. You can end the workout session by doing some leg squats. Just make sure that there aren’t a lot of people around when you do this desk exercise as they may think you have gone nuts.

Obviously these desk exercises for office workers will not be a total substitute for a good daily workout and a balanced diet, but they can go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the sedentary nature that America is growing accustomed to, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that you stay in the best shape possible; even if that means looking a little silly while sitting at your desk and working out.

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